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Sequim Bay State Park

Students collecting water from one of the six donated 10,000 liter tanks


The FECU Head Office,                                                       
10931 Poitras Avenue,  Apt. 1.
Montreal North, Qc H1H 5J3, Canada.

The FECU Mailing Address
15 Donegani Avenue, 
P.O. Box 213,
Pointe-Claire, Qc H9R 4N9, Canada. 

Board of Directors
Fr. David Kiyingi, Tel. 514-426-5593; cell. 514-213-5778.; or
Mrs Noreen Olivieri:
Mrs Tina Mancaniello – Fulginiti:
Mrs Angela Kosciuk – Amalfi:;
Deacon Donat Davatz:


Dr. James L. Nkata, Ph D. or cell.772-445-507
Rev. Fr. Denis Luntamye       cell. 727-409-685
Mrs. Agnes Nsubuga            cell. 772-426-942
Rev. Fr. Joseph Musisi          cell. 727-467-650
Rev. Fr. Iganatius Kibowa     cell. 772-493-711
Mr. Joseph Mukasa              cell. 772-495-628 or 772-505-135
Mr. Joseph Bossa                cell. 772-505-748
Rev. Fr. Peter Ntege             cell. 782-466-922


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