Organization in Uganda
Sequim Bay State Park

Fr. David (extreme left) with the Board of Directors of FECU (registered as NGO) in Uganda. Extreme left: Mr Joseph Mukasa, (retired accountant); Third left: Mrs Agnes Nsubuga (Headmistress of St. Joseph SS Naggalama); Fr. Denis Luntamye (of Lugazi Diocese); Mr. Joseph Bossa, (retired Lawyer); Dr. James Nkata (Director of the College of Public Adminstration). Fr. Ignatius Kibowa is not in the photo.

The FECU is registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with a Board of Directors (Board of Trustees):
Dr. James Nkata, chairman;
Mrs Agnes Nsubuga,
Fr. Denis Luntamye,
Fr. Ignatius Kibowa,
Mr. Joseph Mukasa,
Mr Joseph Bossa,
Fr. Peter Ntege,
(Members are all volunteers)


  • to identify and to select children in the elementary schools to be sponsored through the FECU;
  • to decide which high schools would be requested to receive those students;
  • to check on the FECU sponsored students in the schools where they are placed;
  • to receive the funds from the FECU in Canada, and to ensure that the school fees for the FECU students are paid for those students;
  • to maintain the link between the schools and the Board of Directors in Canada;  


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