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My name is Namayanja Maria Gorret. I am a Ugandan aged 14 years. My parents’ names are Nanja Fatuma and Jaramogi Joseph. I live in Nazigo. My father died when I was in primary four. From that day life was not good. I started staying with my paternal grandmother, who unfortunately also died. I stayed with my mother who became sick and her mother took me to her house where I lived up to today in Nazigo. During my primary I worked very hard selling maize, digging and so many others so that I could get my school fees since my grandmother was very poor and she was sick up to date. I finished my primary in 2010 but my life in primary was not good at all because I was always sent for school fees. In future I want to be a nurse. I like playing football and know how to play because I was trained in it.

Caitlin VaccaroWhen time came for senior ones to start school, I didn’t have money to go to school. Our parish priest Rev. Fr. Sserwadda David told my grandmother that he had got an admission letter of St. Pontiano Ngodwe’s S.S.S. Kangulumira which he gave her. In secondary, life is good especially now that I got a sponsor for my studies i.e. Rev. Fr. Kiyingi David whom I got through Rev. Fr. Sserwadda David the very one who got me the admission of St. Pontiano Ngondwe. May the Almighty God bless them all for helping me. My God my all.

Namayanja Maria Gorret

Caitlin VaccaroMy name is Aramu Peter. I was born in 1995 in Nsambya hospital. My father’s name is Omita John and my mother’s name is Aramu Specioza. I started my primary school at Bulyanti Church of Uganda up to primary three. I left Bulyanti and I went to Kyabazaala Public School where I was for one year and left for Ntunda Roman Catholic School for my primary four. In 2007, I was performing well but when I reached P.7 I got many problems where my sister was sick and admitted to Mulayo Hospital and my mother had to attend to her which meant that I had to stay home to care for my little brother and sister.

On the day we did our P.L.E. exams my sister died but I did my exams and I got 22 aggregates and that was my worst performance in life. At my primary seven I had no money to continue schooling, so I had to go to town to do some work so that I would get school fees to continue with my studies. When I was in town I received a call from my mother telling me that I had got a scholarship. At first I did not believe that it was true because I did not expect it. I went back home and they told me that I was going to study in St. Pontiano Ngondwe’sss Kagulamira and it was Rev. Fr. Kiyingi David who had offered me the scholarship. I thank Father Kiyingi who had played a big part in my studies. May God bless you. My God my all.

Aramu Peter, Senior 2.

My name is Bakwanya Milly. I am fifteen years old. I come from Kayunga in Uganda and I am a Ugandan. I live with my Uncle. At home we are eleven people. My caretakers are Mr. Waisloa Steven and his wife Mrs. Nakandha Kevin whom I live with in Kayunga and I also live with them during the holidays. When I was in my primary section, I used to dream of having friends from outside Uganda. I like reading novels and stories. I know how to sing and I like football too. I don’t live with my parents because my father separated from my mother when I was still young. My mother taught me from nursery up to primary seven. After which she told me to go for my holidays at my uncle’s place where I was treated well. When time came for me to join senior one, our parish priest Rev. Fr. Walakira Emmanuel told my mother that he had got an admission letter from St. Pontiano Ngondwe Senior Secondary School Kangulumira in Kayunga district which he gave to her and we filled the admission letter and later went the following day.

Caitlin VaccaroWhen I reached the school, I admired it and liked it. And I got there some good friends who helped in my studies. The reason why I am studying is that I want to become a nurse in my future and want to be a God fearing girl. My performance is not the best yet but I hope to improve through hard work and prayers. It was still the same priest who to me is like a parent who connected my mother, the headmaster and me to Rev. Fr. Kiyingi David who is now sponsoring my studies in the same school. I am very grateful for all he is doing for me which will lead to a better future. May God bless him. My God my all.

Bakwanya Milly Senior Two 2012

Caitlin VaccaroMy name is Mpima Morris and I am 16 years old. My family did the best they could to get me through the primary school. I did well in the grade 7 exams; my father was very happy, but at the same time sad, because he knew he could not afford to send me to high school; he had no money.

One day he came home with some good news from the Pastor of our parish: someone was going to pay my tuition and boarding fees at St. P. N. Sec. School. My father would only have to get me the other school requirements. “What a blessing”, I said to myself, and praised the Lord. May He also bless all those who are sponsoring my secondary education.

Moris Mpima, grade 9.

My name is Nansasi Samalie, I live at Nakoosi Mukono district. We are four children in our family. My father was unable to pay my fees but my elder brother helped me from nursery to primary seven. My father tried to make me go back to my brother for secondary school but my mother refused as she argued that my brother had already done enough. I sat for a month at home and then my father told my mother that there was a bursary scheme by Father Kiyingi. My mother was so excited about this news. Then the headmaster called my father and told him to go with my P.C.E. results. Father took me to Mgondwe and we found the headmaster who helped us through everything else. We have always found it difficult to get clothes, shoes and pocket money. Our aunt has always helped us to get clothes that once belonged to her own children. It is with this background that I extend my sincere thanks to all those that helped me obtain this scholarship. My God my all. May God bless you all.

Nansasi Samalie

My name is Gololo David Francis. I was born on 26th March 1999 in Seeta Health Centre Namiryango Parish. I started my studies in 2003 in New Standard Nursery School in Narigo parish. From there, I went to St. Joseph’s Narigo Roman Catholic Primary School from primary one to primary seven (P1-P7). I excelled with 15 aggregates for my Primary Leaving Examinations (P.L.E.). I have got several challenges during my studies such as not having enough school requirements fees and envy from fellow students. Studies are not easy when you don’t concentrate in class because you have many problems such as hunger and the school fees problem. However, when I joined Secondary I became an altar server and it was because of this that I was given a bursary to join St. Pontiano Ngondwe’s Senior Secondary School. In first term I didn’t perform well as I got 40 as my average mark. In the beginning of second term exams I improved and got 49 as my average mark. However, I want to perform even better since I want to become a doctor or a priest. I thank my sponsors who have helped me in my studies. May the Almighty God bless you. My God my all.

Gololo David Francis S.1

My name is Bitababaje Pauline. I was born in 1997 in Kangulumira Kayunga district. We are seven (7) children in our family, 3 boys and 4 girls. This was a big number for my father (Mr. Samao Oswald) and my mother (Nakakande Lookadia) to take care of. Our eldest sister is married, working but gets little wages and this means she cannot afford paying for us either. However, God has helped me to obtain a scholarship in St. Pontiano Ngondwe under Rev. Fr. Kiyingi David. My parents afforded getting me through primary. The sponsorship has done me a great favour since I can settle down in class and perform well. The biggest challenge I face right now is the inadequacy of the text books in the school but somehow our teachers help us. May God bless my sponsor Rev. Fr. Kiyingi David and the others. May they continue to help us as God will reward them abundantly. My God my all.

Bitababaje Pauline

My name is Enerica Nansubuga. I was eight years old when dad died. Mom, a simple peasant farmer has been working hard all these years to keep us, her six children in school. However, my chances of going to secondary school were very small; because my mom could not afford it. For lack of money my two older siblings had done up to grade 7; I didn’t see any chance for me either. Hope and joy came to me and my mom when we were told that there was a scholarship for me to go to St. Pontiano Nondwe SS. I could hardly believe it, but I thought it had to be true, because it was our Priest who had given us that news. I cried for joy. I ask God to bless all the sponsors of the FECU, and I’ll always be grateful to them.

Enerica Nansubuga, grade 8.

Caitlin VaccaroMy name is Bazibu Anthony. I am 16 years old and I am in S.2 in St. Pontiano Ngondwe. My parents’ names are Kisoko George (R.I.P.) and Mrs. Makyonzi Anna. We are twelve members in our family. I started my education in 2004 at Kangulumira R/C P/S in Kangulumira Parish. My mother was the one paying for my school fees but she became sick when I was in primary four (P.4) which made her to stop working and I had to sit for a full term without going to school while looking for school fees through burning timber to make charcoal and sell. I later got an opportunity and my uncle started paying for my school fees and he got me everything I needed for my studies.

By God’s grace, I completed primary seven and I performed fairly with 17 aggregates. Rev. Fr. Peter Nlege informed my mother that I was among the ten selected students to be sponsored by Rev. Fr. Kiyingi David at St. Pontiano Ngondwe Kangulumira. I was happy because of the opportunity I got and I always prayed that I may study well and I become a priest and grow up with ……..heart so as to help those in need just as I was helped by the priests. I conclude by thanking God who has helped and given Fr. Kiyingi a generous heart for helping the needy and I also pray that I perform well to please him and my other sponsors so that they will not stop paying for me. May God bless all my sponsors and may you keep up the spirit. My God my all.

Bazibu Anthony S.2.

We were nine children in my family. Life was always difficult for us, because dad didn’t have a well paying job. When I was in grade seven of the primary school I was often sent home, because my fees for the term had not been paid. I had to stay out, for days, or even weeks, until dad would get the money needed. I worked hard in order to catch up with the lessons I had missed; and I did very well in the final exams.

Caitlin VaccaroI was happy with those results, but then I started to worry, what was I to do now; would my dad have money for me to go to secondary school? I doubted it. One morning dad received the news that an organization called FECU that was going to help me. They sponsored me in grade 8; and now in grade 9. Thank you all the supporters of the FECU.

Lawrence Bukenya, grade 9.

Caitlin VaccaroMy name is Joanita Namuyomba. When my father died in 2006 the primary school which I and my brother attended helped my mother with our school fees. But this help stopped when I was in grade five. My mother had to turn to relatives for some help. My fees were paid, but for a whole year I had no uniform, and I had no lunch.

In spite of the problems at school and at home I managed to do well in the final exams of grade seven. I knew this was going to be the end of my education. I prayed, and God answered my prayers. I’m now in a secondary school with no worries of being sent home for school fees. The organization called FECU is my salvation. May God bless all those who are me a chance to further my education.

Joanita Namuyomba, grade 9



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