What is F.E.C.U?

MapIt is an organization, founded by Fr. David Kiyingi, __ a native Priest from Uganda, who used to work as Chaplain in Montreal high schools (1977 – 2001), __ together with four of his former students., to make high school education accessible to underprivileged children. Wealthy or poor, every child deserves a chance to attend school.

Hence their MISSION:

group photo"FECU is a non-profit Christian Charity organization dedicated to providing underprivileged children in Uganda the opportunity to obtain a secondary school education. With this precious gift of education, these children can focus and develop their God given talents to reach their spiritual, academic, civic and social potential, so that they may become participating and cooperative members of society.”


to sponsor children in high schools, helping to pay their tuition fees, and in some cases, their boarding fees as well.


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